Wow it feels like years since we post anything on here! I am very sorry for this & i am planning not to let this happen again! 

WOW! we have not been on here in a while! Its about time we updated this tumblr. While we do that why not find us on twitter/facebook.

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Hey all…Just a few bits of info i’m hearing

Jason is not long back from Texas where he was recording with Ivyrise at the famous Sonic Ranch studio, El Paso where he previously recorded with the blackout for their ‘The Best In Town’ album. Lets hope that Ivyrise’s album sounds as amazing as the blackouts! 

Here are some pictures of the guys & Jason at work (credit to Ivyrise via facebook)

Ben with Jason in the background

Josh on drums

Ben & Jason again outside

Jason & his buffalo burger

Jason & the guys in the studio

if you want to keep up to date with Ivyrise check them out on facebook


I’m hoping to get some updates from the guys soon so keep checking back. Sorry for lack of uploads/updates. We are working on a new layout & some ideas:)


There aint been much to update you guys with so sorry for the lack of updates. I will try to get in touch with the band after the new year & see if i can get some info from them:D

Hope you all had a great christmas & Happy new year too you all:)


Video I made to celebrate Jason & Adam Perry’s Birthday. Massive happy birthday to the twins of the band! Hope they both have a great day:)

TOMORROW! I see ‘A’/BFS/FTSK/The dollyrots. Fuck yeh!!!

TOMORROW! I see ‘A’/BFS/FTSK/The dollyrots. Fuck yeh!!!

JCGROUT tour dates left

Less than a week left on the tour. Tomorrow is see the guys & the rest of the bands.

Tonight they are in Glasgow playing the Glasgow Academy.